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Explore the many attractions of the Marais District

Explore the many attractions of the Marais District

Bringing together the old and the new in a thriving and enchanting combination, the Marais district remains one of the iconic neighbourhoods of Old Paris. Exploring the Marais will bring you countless surprises, including museums housed in magnificent old buildings, contemporary art galleries, fashion boutiques and excellent restaurants. Marais district - France. Paris 3rd district. Public garden of the Temple. Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Daniel Thierry

The Marais; A fascinating past and a multifaceted present

Originally located outside the walls of Paris, the Marais was initially a place of religious institutions before becoming an aristocratic district. Following the royal example of Charles I of Anjou and Charles V in the 13th and 14th centuries, the nobility came here to build their mansions. Many of these hôtels particuliers still stand today. When aristocratic fancy turned to another district the Marais fell out of fashion and gradually became a working class area. However, in the early 1960s steps were taken by the French government to protect and conserve locations in the Marais which had special cultural significance. Many of the hôtels particuliers were restored and became museums.

Today the Marais is a fashionable district again, with a multitude of art galleries, shops and eating places. Amidst the romantic alleys and winding streets you will come across surprises such as the Place des Vosges, a superb square built by Henry IV in the early 17th century and which is the location of the Victor Hugo Museum. Fashion aficionados will love the rue des Rosiers, a lovely street housing the strikingly designed outlets of some of Europe’s trendiest fashion labels.

Discover these attractions and more from the Hotel Marais Bastille, which at this time of year delights in wishing you Joyeuses Fêtes!

Mistinguett, Queen of the Roaring Twenties

One of the biggest female stars of the early 20th century is the subject of a superb new musical production, Mistinguett, Reine des Annees Folles. Live on stage at the Casino de Paris until January 4th, the show tells the story of Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois, a flower girl who became an international star and who was an influence on the formation of the Broadway theatre scene. The show brings a wild and crazy era back to life, thanks to a great score, magnificent choreography and a performance by Carmen Maria Vega in the lead role that has been described as show-stopping.

Don’t miss The Bel Canto themed Restaurant experience

If you love fine dining and also superb music, then why not combine the two with an evening at Le Bel Canto? This innovative themed restaurant has received rave reviews from gastronomes and opera buffs alike and has proved to be a huge success. The waiters, so efficient and attentive, are also trained opera singers who will, at periodic intervals during your meal, perform arias from the great operas. Amidst the tables these superb voices ring out to a piano accompaniment and you will find yourself enchanted and amazed by their talent. For a truly original evening, don’t miss Le Bel Canto.

A major contemporary Art Gallery; La Maison Rouge

Art lovers should not miss La Maison Rouge while in Paris. This is one of the capital’s foremost contemporary art display spaces and also a fascinating example of architectural adaptation. This former industrial building was constructed around a red farmhouse that still occupies the gallery’s centre and gives the place its name. A leading architect and an artist developed the space into a superb gallery while still retaining the building’s integrity. Some 3 to 6 exhibitions take place here each year. There are shows dedicated to individual artists in addition to exhibitions of work drawn from private collections, such as that of the gallery’s founder, Antoine de Galbert.

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