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Paris Hotel near event venue rich in history

Paris Hotel near event venue rich in history

Paris hotel near event venue needed? Then we would like to suggest you try the Hotel Marais Bastille, which is just a twenty minute walk away from the newly transformed and re-opened Carreau du Temple. Located in the heart of the Marais, this listed building has gained a new purpose as a mixed-use sports and cultural facility that will be the venue for a wide variety of events and functions. Paris Hotel near event venue - Carreau du Temple - © Fernando Javier Urquijo & studioMilou architecture

Paris hotel near event venue the Carreau du Temple

The Carreau du Temple was, for most of its existence, a covered market specialising in the sale of clothing. Built of cast iron and glass in 1863, by the 70s its popularity had declined to the point where it faced demolition. Fortunately, local residents petitioned to save it and the building became a listed heritage site in 1982. Today it is one of the few surviving examples of Parisian 19th century metal framed architecture.

Recently the building was stripped down to its exquisite cast iron skeleton and partially rebuilt in accordance with the vision of the original designers. Its new function was determined by public vote. Two subterranean levels have been added, along with a 250 seat auditorium. Reopened last February, the new Carreau du Temple is a major asset for the area. The flexible interior, complete with mobile partitions and retractable stands, allows the hall to be reconfigured for everything from community events to trade shows and artistic performances.

Upcoming shows and events scheduled are pleasingly varied. Drawing Now Paris, the Salon Of Contemporary Design from the 26th to 30th March plays host to 87 international galleries, around 400 artists, plus collectors and art lovers. From April 4th to 6th Sustainable Luxury will showcase environmentally friendly lifestyles and products. The satirical play European Crisis Games runs from April 10th to 12th.

The Hotel Marais Bastille is a fine Paris hotel near event venue

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