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Prestigious exhibition Chagall Between War and Peace, Paris

Prestigious exhibition Chagall Between War and Peace, Paris

Exhibition Chagall Between War and Peace is set to be one of the blockbuster exhibitions of 2013 in Paris. The prestigious Musée Sénat at the Palais du Luxembourg takes visitors on an artistic journey through war and peace, happiness and grief. To be part of the event, book your stay at the Hotel Marais Bastille.

Portrait of Marc Chagall (Wikipedia-Yury-Pen)

Chagall, Between War and Peace: a journey

The exhibition curators have selected some 100 of Chagall's paintings which testify to the contrasts between the joy and suffering which marked the life of the artist and his creative career.

Webpage of the Exhibition Chagall - Website Musée Luxembourg

Chagall experienced the pain of the Russian Revolution, two world wars, exile as well as solitude. These periods are interspersed with happier periods, in particular his married life or in the luminous setting of the South of France. The exhibition sets side by side the turning points in the artist’s work and life, passages from one world to another.

Chagall, Between War and Peace: a circular pattern

The visitor will discover the circular pattern to Chagall’s oeuvre, marked by a certain number of recurring themes. We see echoes of memories of Vitebsk, his birth town, the horrors of war as well as allusions to his Jewish childhood. Images of couples and family life illuminate the painter’s work.

The exhibition therefore offers a profoundly human journey, which invites visitors to rediscover the work of Chagall through the prism of the joy and the pain, the love and the solitude, at the heart of the major crises of the 20th century.

Visit the "Chagall, Between War and Peace" exhibition from the Hôtel Marais Bastille

From the Hôtel Marais Bastille, you are less than a quarter of an hour from the Musée du Luxembourg by metro. Breguet Sabin metro station is a two-minute walk from the hotel. Our staff will be delighted to advise you on your journeys around Paris as well as to the exhibition venue.

  • Chagall, Between War and Peace exhibition
  • From 21st February to 21st July 2013
  • Musée du Luxembourg - Paris
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