What about a detour to the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal? Hotel Marais Bastille Paris

The Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal is just a short walk from the Hotel Marais Bastille. Located at 1 Rue de Sully in the 4th district of Paris, the building was for a long time the residence of the Grand Masters of Artillery. Today, visitors can see its charming Music Room which is the epitome of French elegance!

Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal Paris

Charming Music Room at the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal in Paris

It took all the talent, patience and meticulousness of the best craftsmen to restore the reception room to its former glory – with its beautifully restored Versailles parquet flooring and Louis XV furniture, marble, fabrics and armchairs, the project was financed by the World Monuments Fund.

Decorated in subtle shades of lilac and grey, largely revealed by its recent transformation, this charming place is probably one of the most exclusive buildings of Paris … and a must for all art lovers!

Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal Paris

Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal :


Hotel Marais Bastille, a 3 star Design hotel in the heart of Paris.

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