Printemps du Louvre in Paris for your shopping bliss

Printemps du Louvre opening in Paris has seized the attention of the retail world and multitudes of lovers of exclusive shopping experiences everywhere. This newest branch of the world renowned Printemps department store has opened in a decidedly prestigious location, the Carrousel du Louvre, which is just a little over two miles from the comfortable surroundings of the Hotel Marais Bastille.

Printemps du Louvre opening - Pyramide du Louvre - Tourist office Paris - Photographer David Lefranc - Architect Leoh Ming Pei

Pyramide du Louvre (Louvre glass pyramid) - Tourist office Paris - Photographer David Lefranc - Architect Leoh Ming Pei

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Winter sales 2014 in Paris – a great way to pick up a bargain

Winter sales 2014 in Paris until February 11th offer you the opportunity to pick up the latest fashions at terrific prices. Hotel Marais Bastilleis within easy reach of all the best shopping areas of the city, and with the Paris Shopping Book 2014 to hand, you’re assured of a successful trip.

Winter sales 2014 in Paris - Winter sales at BHV - Private Col. JLMD

Winter sales at BHV - Private Col. JLMD

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Caudalie boutique in Paris a long awaited pleasure

Caudalie boutique in Paris is your chance to experience this exclusive and exceptional skin care brand in the City of Light. Following worldwide success with outlets in San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York, Caudalie now bring their range to Paris with a new store at 8 Rue des Francs-Bourgeois in the Marais district just a 10 minute walk from Hotel Marais Bastille.

Caudalie boutique in Paris - Vinotherapie® - Pixel & Creation -

Vinotherapie® - Pixel & Creation -

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Winter sales 2013 Paris : the treasures of the Marais

Winter sales 2013 Paris are a key fixture in the diary for all avid shoppers. Fashion lovers and bargain hunters will all be on the alert from 9th January to 12th February, in the search of the most spectacular discounts. To ensure you don’t miss this annual event and the unique opportunity to pick up some big brands at reduced prices, book your stay now at the Hotel Marais Bastille and come and discover the area’s stores!

Winter sales


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