Video of the Hotel Marais Bastille awaiting discovery on our website

Video of the Hotel Marais Bastille is available on the homepage of our official website. This 3-minute presentation offers a sneak preview of your future accommodation in Paris and invites you, through images and music, to discover the decidedly cosy universe of our hotel.

Hotel Marais Bastille - Place des Vosges - by Nick Stenning

Video of the Hotel Marais Bastille: a guided tour of the hotel

The video has barely started before you are carried away by the gentle music, which is a perfect echo of the hotel’s laid-back, cosy atmosphere. The first part of this short, 3-minute film presents the area surrounding the Hotel Marais Bastille, from the Port de l’Arsenal to the prestigious Place des Vosges.

After a glimpse of its welcoming façade, you find yourself in the heart of our hotel. The visit continues with a tour of the communal areas – reception, lounge, patio and breakfast room -, which give you an idea of the decor and its designer-style details.

The film of the Hotel Marais Bastille is rounded off by a discovery of our comfortable rooms, an invitation to relax and unwind. Welcome to the Marais Bastille, welcome home!

Video of the Hotel Marais Bastille

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