Le Marais, a Parisian quarter to delight all food lovers

L’Hotel Marais Bastille is, as its name suggests, located near Le Marais, a Parisian quarter favoured by fashionistas and art lovers, as well as epicureans who have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from! Whether you prefer traditional cuisine, specialities from around the world or more inventive dishes, you are sure to find the restaurant of your dreams.

quartier marais paris

Marais: some great restaurants to discover

One of Paris’ historical quarters, the Marais boasts a superb creative dimension. After visiting the art galleries and boutiques, take a gourmet break in one of the district’s many restaurants! The Café Charlot serves the city’s best cheeseburgers,Chez Taéko offers affordable Japanese cuisine for the family, while the Rose Bakery met le bio à l’honneur.

Other addresses worth discovering can be found on the website Cotemaison.fr

Hotel Marais Bastille, a 3 star Design hotel in the heart of Paris.

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