Paris Bastille Breakfast at Hotel Marais Bastille of course

Paris Bastille Breakfast : what better way to start your day? It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is key in tackling whatever your day may bring – be that, tackling the Eiffel Tower or the important business deal that must be won! Whether you have been brought to Paris through business or leisure, the Hotel Marais Bastille offers a delicious gourmet breakfast in an unrivalled contemporary and stylish environment.

Paris Bastille Breakfast at Hotel Marais Bastille
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Paris Photo Exhibition at the Polka Galerie

Paris photo exhibitions feature the world’s best artists, with unique takes on local and international culture. When visiting Paris to see an exhibition, staying at the right hotel can make your trip more enjoyable. Throughout the year, the Polka Galerie features Paris photo exhibitions from artists like Jean-Marie Perier, making it a must-do attraction for visitors to the city. The Hotel Marais Bastille is within 10 minutes walking distance, and is perfectly situated for other Parisian attractions.

Polka Gallery - Website
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A Paris Bastille hotel is a magical place

Paris Bastille hotel enables travellers to celebrate one of the most important moments in French history. Bastille Day commemorates the start of the overthrow of the monarchy after the Bastille prison was stormed by crowds on the 14th July 1789. Bastille Day is celebrated by French citizens around the world in honour of their independence. So, what can be explored by staying in the Hotel Marais Bastille, a Paris Bastille hotel? Are there any monuments to celebrate the French Revolution? How easy is it to travel to where the Bastille prison once stood?

Bastille Place and july column - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer David Lefranc

Bastille Place and july column - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer David Lefranc

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Paris Marathon : one of the most popular marathon events

Paris Marathon is a wonderful opportunity for any athlete, serious or amateur, to see the world famous sights of Paris while indulging your passion for sport and raising some money for charity. This well established annual endurance event offers one of the world’s most scenic marathon races and incorporates all of Paris’s major landmarks in its 26 mile route. Established in 1976 the Paris marathon has grown into a superbly organised event and as such is now one of the most popular marathon events in Europe. And when you have caught your breath and need to relax the Hotel Marais Bastille is waiting to ease away your aches.
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One Thousand and One Nights Paris Exhibtion

One Thousand and One Nights Paris exhibition, held at the Institut du Monde Arabe, runs until Sunday 28th April 2013, and is sure to delight storytellers of every age. Experience a Parisian outlook on the Arabian Nights, staying at the Hotel Marais Bastille , conveniently located near Place de la Bastille, and close to the exhibition venue.

Affiche One thousand and one nights (Total foundation)

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Special rates of the Hotel Marais Bastille to enjoy Paris

Special rates of the Hotel Marais Bastille make it a great choice for exploring Paris! The hotel’s location could hardly be better, whether you are in Paris on business or a romantic weekend.

Square Bastille (Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Thomas Sanson)

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Gourmet restaurants Paris from tradition to originality

Gourmet restaurants Paris are aplenty. From the traditional to the original, the capital has an unparalleled range of restaurants to choose from. The Hotel Marais Bastille, on the edge of Place de la Bastille, boasts a central location from which you can explore the culinary delights of Paris.

Champagne glasses with view to Paris by night

Champagne glasses with view to Paris by night

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Valentines Day Paris : a romantic getaway

Valentines Day Paris : Romantic, original or sensual? Make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable by staying at the Hotel Marais Bastille. You can make your way, hand-in-hand, to Place de la Bastille from where the whole of Paris is just a few metro stations way.

Jointed hands in shape of a heart (Fotolia)

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Winter sales 2013 Paris : the treasures of the Marais

Winter sales 2013 Paris are a key fixture in the diary for all avid shoppers. Fashion lovers and bargain hunters will all be on the alert from 9th January to 12th February, in the search of the most spectacular discounts. To ensure you don’t miss this annual event and the unique opportunity to pick up some big brands at reduced prices, book your stay now at the Hotel Marais Bastille and come and discover the area’s stores!

Winter sales


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Van Gogh and Hiroshige, two good reasons to visit the Pinacothèque

Van Gogh and Hiroshige have both left their mark on art and their era. The Japanese artist, relatively and unjustly unknown in Europe, greatly inspired the work of the Dutch painter. The exhibitions which are respectively devoted to them at the Pinacothèque throw the spotlight on this major influence.

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