Wim Delvoye at the Louvre: the event of this summer season in Paris

Wim Delvoye at the Louvre, the visual artist has been invited this year to present original works in several settings: the Art objects department of the Louvre, the Garden of Tuileries and the Pyramid. He is a off-set sculptor, impertinent, and provocative, in one of the most famous museums in the world to be discovered until September 17 2012 at the Louvre Museum.

Wim Delvoye au Louvre

Wim Delvoye at the Louvre: an off-set visual artist to be discovered

Wim Delvoye, born in 1965, is known for his now celebrated work, Cloaca, which is like a chemical machine digesting foods and excrement. A specialist of casting against types, of manipulation, mixing genres, tones and techniques (including the numeric), he wants to highlight universal values. He travels throughout the world with his many exhibitions.

Wim Devoye at the Louvre will propose stained glass, porcelain, and bronzes, and will plant a giant steel arrow, called Suppo, as well as another steel work, in the garden of Tuileries.

Wim Delvoye at the Louvre : conjunction of talent in a unique jewel box

Wim Delvoye au Louvre

A colossal work for a building which is just the same, the Louvre is, in effect, the largest palace in Europe. Wim Delvoye at the Louvre is the conjunction of talent in a unique jewel box.

Residence of kings until the creation of Versailles under Louis XIV, the Louvre knew the dark times before having the idea to be transformed into a museum.


  • Every day except Tuesday, 9 :00 – 18 :00
  • Metro station : Palais-Royal/Musée du Louvre lines 1 et 7

Wim Delvoye at the Louvre : further information

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