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A trip to the Palace of Versailles

A trip to the Palace of Versailles

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 8/5/19

During your summer stay at the Hotel Marais Bastille, why not treat yourself to a trip outside Paris to a magnificent former residence of French royalty; the Palace of Versailles? From the royal apartments and the ceremonial rooms to the gardens, as well as the Petit and Grand Trianons and the Queen’s Hamlet, this amazing estate is a place of wonders. And don’t miss the summer entertainment programme!


You can reach the Palace of Versailles quickly 

Setting out from the Hotel Marais Bastille, it takes less than an hour to reach the Palace of Versailles. Trains and the RER rapid transit system will take you there quickly and without needing to book a ticket. Just ask and our team will be happy to tell you the easiest and fastest way to go. Once there, you’ll discover the beautiful avenues lined with magnificent mansions that lead from the station to the Monument historique. You will find it worthwhile to book your tickets in advance, thereby avoiding the queues. But bear in mind that large parts of the grounds are accessible free of charge, so you can simply enjoy a picnic or an afternoon relaxing in the sun by the waters of the Grand Canal.


Discovering this masterpiece

Inseparable from its most famous resident, Louis XIV, the Palace of Versailles is a masterpiece of classical architecture but also a testament to the French design savoir-faire of the period. Furniture, tapestries, mirrors, gilding; every detail is a true work of art, as are the paintings, sculptures and frescoes. Depending on your level of interest, you can discover as much of the palace and its grounds as you wish; there’s plenty to explore. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk amidst the groves, fountains and pools of the gardens and savour the stunning view from the terraces.


Summer events at Versailles

To give some idea of ​​the splendour of Versailles court life during the 17th and 18th centuries, every year the estate presents the Musical Fountains Show. Two to three times a week, from April to October, the garden’s fountains send their sparkling waters into the air to the accompaniment of baroque music, offering a magnificent spectacle and immersing visitors in the atmosphere of the time. Also, every Saturday evening from mid-June to mid-September, a Musical Fountains Show takes place at night, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the sky in multihued splendour over the Grand Canal. Prior to this, there is a Royal Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors, during which musicians and dancers in period costume recreate the opulence of the Sun King’s court.

Thanks to public transport, the Palace of Versailles is within easy reach of the Hotel Marais Bastille. Take the opportunity to experience the royal grandeur of days gone by and conjure up in your mind’s eye the shades of Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette, Molière and Lully.



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