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Bar and Ping Pong in Paris : Play, drink and Boogie!

Bar and Ping Pong in Paris : Play, drink and Boogie!

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 10/20/17

Bar and ping pong in Paris is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day's sightseeing. Now, courtesy of the Gossima, the city's first ping pong bar, you can. Inspired by Spin in New York, this concept bar offers the opportunity to enjoy a drink and a fast and furious game of table tennis, though preferably not at the same time lest a particularly vigorous backhand sends your wine glass flying. Situated at the corner of rue des Bleuets and rue Victor Gelez at Menilmontant, Gossima also offers live music performances onstage. What more could you ask for apart from the chance to retire to the welcoming surroundings of the Hotel Marais Bastille after your workout? 

Bar and ping pong in Paris is the perfect combination

Gossima's success reflects the recent resurgence of interest in ping pong. The game actually began in England in the 1880s as an upper class parlour game. Originally it was called wiff-waff as well as ping pong, after the sounds produced by play. Celluloid balls were introduced at the turn of the century and the game became faster and more skilful. Under the more respectable sounding name of table tennis, the game became an Olympic sport in 1988.

Gossima has been created on the ground floor of an apartment building in a space which was once a car repair shop. It opened with impeccable timing just before the start of the World Table Tennis Championships at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, which gave the fledgling club a real boost. With its eight tables and 600 square metres of space, there is certainly room for you to loop, chop, block, flick, lob and corkspin to your heart's content while enjoying the vibrant ambience of the place. There's a wide choice of reasonably priced beers, cocktails and wines and the opportunity to boogie between games, so if you're looking for something truly different to do in Paris, what are you waiting for?



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