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Bastille Hotels in Paris where a nation was reborn

Bastille Hotels in Paris where a nation was reborn

Bastille hotels in Paris are located in one of the most iconic districts of the French capital. The very name of Bastille is evocative of the French Revolution, musette clubs on the rue de Lappe and the furniture makers of the Faubourg St-Antoine. Today the district presents a very different aspect, with many new attractions, yet the echoes of the past linger still. Why not stay here at the Hotel Marais Bastilleand discover what the Bastille means to you? 

Bastille hotels in Paris are in the heart of the city

Built in the late 14th century, the Bastille was originally a defensive stronghold. It wasn’t until Richelieu turned it into a state prison in the 17th century that it gained its dark reputation as a place where political and religious free thinkers were incarcerated. When the people rose up against the remote ruling class on July 14th 1789 the Bastille was swiftly razed to the ground. A few foundation stones can still be seen in a nearby park, but that is all that remains.

Today the rue Saint-Antoine passes over the place where the Bastille once stood, as that stately avenue enters the roundabout at the Place de la Bastille. Once a place of oppression and violent revolution, this part of Paris is now a very busy and popular district, with a lively and infectious ambience. Fine buildings, beautiful green spaces, bars, cafes and nightclubs abound.

Here you can visit the Opera Bastille, a daringly designed modernistic building which is the home of the Paris National Opera and many superb concerts and performances. In the centre of the square is the July Column, which commemorates another revolution, that of 1830 when King Charles X lost his throne, which is surmounted by Auguste Dumont’s stunning Spirit of Freedom statue.

The Hotel Marais Bastille is foremost amongst the best Bastille hotels in Paris

Located just along the boulevard Richard Lenoir from the Place de la Bastille, the Hotel Marais Bastille offers the ideal place from which to launch your exploration of this most evocative of Parisian locales.




Hotel Marais Bastille, a 3 star Design hotel in the heart of Paris.

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