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Beijing Circus in Paris presents exciting new show

Beijing Circus in Paris presents exciting new show

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 12/5/17

Beijing Circus in Paris presents 'The Jade Emperor', a new show at Cirque Phoenix, Lawn Reuilly till 12th January 2014. Book your stay at the splendid Hotel Marais Bastille to be a part of what promises to be one of the entertainment events of the season. 

Beijing Circus in Paris offers entertainment and pleasure for all ages

The famous Beijing Circus in Paris successfully staged 'The Legend of Mulan' at Cirque Phoenix, Lawn Reuilly. Enjoy now a spectacular new legend that will thrill the whole family - 'The Jade Emperor'. The magnificent setting of the Cirque Phoenix is designed to stage impressive productions in a magical atmosphere; the circus offers unrivalled visibility and is a treat for spectators.

Now the Beijing Circus brings the legend of 'The Jade Emperor' to life as over 50 stars of China's most famous circus troupe dazzle with acrobatics, stunning costumes and impressive scenery.

Long ago, so legend has it, the Emperor decreed that only 12 animals would be included in the signs for the Chinese zodiac. For days, every beast imaginable, from tiny Rat who sneaked in to see the Emperor, to mighty Dragon, waited their turn. Each tried to impress with amazing skills and feats of daring, until the Emperor made his final decision and created the zodiac that we know today. Discover the origins of your Chinese sign and the sign of your loved ones as 'The Jade Emperor' is brought to life by the talented and sensational acrobats and performers of the Beijing Circus.

Make your visit to Beijing Circus in Paris special with a stay at Hotel Marais Bastille

Hotel Marais Bastille enjoys a privileged location close to many of the most famous landmarks in Paris. It's within easy reach of the Beijing Circus in Paris by taxi or metro, and offers a relaxing and inviting haven for your stay. Beautiful decor incorporates warm wood and elegant colours to create a unique and inviting atmosphere, and our friendly staff are on hand to ensure that your stay at Hotel Marais Bastille is a delight.

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