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Canal Saint Martin Paris from a tranquil beautiful hotel

Canal Saint Martin Paris from a tranquil beautiful hotel

Categories : Entertainment, Visit Paris, published on : 7/20/17

Canal Saint Martin Paris is hidden away in the heart of Paris, and this summer you'll find real beauty and quiet there, all an easy walk from the perfect hotel for this trip, Hotel Marais Bastille

Canal Saint Martin Paris is a haven of secret beauty

When you arrive at the start of Canal Saint Martin Paris, it's as if you've entered another world, one of greenery and water, that seems a million miles from the bustle of central Paris. It's inspired many artists, like Alfred Sisley, whose painting of Canal Saint Martin Paris you can see in the Musee d'Orsay.

The idea of the Saint-Martin waterway, built on the orders of Napoleon, was to supply central Paris with clean drinking water. These days, the canal is an oasis of calm, ideal for Parisians to walk along with their dogs. For visitors this unique walk, of just a few kilometres, takes you along the waterway, and underneath some extraordinary 19th century wrought iron bridges.

Hotel Marais Bastille ideal for your trip to Canal Saint Martin Paris

You can of course take that walk yourself. Or do something more unusual: take a cruise along the canal organised by the experts at Canauxrama on one of their specially-equipped vessels. You'll hear about the canal's history as your boat takes you under the historic bridges. There's an astonishing new light art installation to enjoy, too.

It's two-and-a-half hours that will remain with you for a very long time. And we'd be delighted at Hotel Marais Bastille to put you in touch with Canauxrama to book your place on one of their bespoke cruises. Remember, we're just a short stroll from the canal itself.

It's just one of the services we like to offer at our small, intimate hotel, where we pride ourselves on giving you the very best service in a quiet, beautiful, uniquely Parisian atmosphere.


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