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Catch some great movies at Cine Metro Art

Catch some great movies at Cine Metro Art

Our local quality cinema, the Cine Metro Art Bastille, offers a wide reaching programme of films each week, focussing in particular on independent movies by auteurs. Moviegoers can catch screenings of new productions as well classics that have made a significant mark on the history of contemporary cinema. Just half a kilometre from the Hotel Marais Bastille, you can spend an entertaining evening with a thriller, a good comedy or a challenging art-house creation. The Cine Metro Art cinema promises a wealth of carefully selected productions presented to a high standard. , via Wikimedia Commons" width="700" height="525" /> Cine Metro Art Paris - La Bastille movie theatre

The kinds of films offered by this cinema

The Cine Metro Art cinema network was established by the pianist, composer and movie buff Galeshka Moravioff (who is also the founder of the company Films Sans Frontières), to promote auteur movies and arthouse films in their original versions. The company also makes available the latest releases in the world of cinema. An additional focus is on French and international cult films that qualify for classic status. Some of this work is done in partnership with various other groups and associations.

The Cine Metro Art programme also includes preview screenings followed by discussions and question and answer sessions with the directors. Finally, documentaries and biographies are also offered in the network’s cinemas.

3 screening rooms for the convenience of moviegoers

Films at the Cine Metro Art Bastille are screened in 3 rooms with seating for 90, 135 and 250 people. These have Dolby SR sound equipment and the main hall offers Dolby Digital SRD. Tickets are sold from the original booth overlooking the street and have a vintage design that gives customers a distinctive taste of cinema-going in years past.

Films to see on DVD with Films Sans Frontières

The Cine Metro Art Group works in conjunction with Films Sans Frontières (Films Without Borders), a company specialising in restoring old films that may have been largely forgotten, and putting them into the DVD film circuit. Many international productions have, luckily for film fans, been resurrected in this way, including the Orson Welles masterpiece, Falstaff (aka Chimes At Midnight), shot in Spain in 1965, or Los Olvidados, directed by Luis Bunuel in Mexico in 1950. The works of directors such as Kenji Mizoguchi are also reintroduced to the public in an effort to prevent them from sliding into obscurity.

Cine Metro Arts Bastille; further information

Movies are screened at the Cine Metro Art Bastille through much of the day, including mornings. Moreover, those who have an unlimited UCG card can use it to see the movies of their choice. The screening schedule is available online and displayed on the cinema’s facade. Generally, the box office opens 10 minutes before the session begins, but you can also buy tickets online or purchase a book of 10 tickets for 1 year.


Arthouse programming with reruns of classic and current films: Cinema Saint-Lazare Pasquier in Paris 44, rue Pasquier in Paris (8th arrondissement), Number of movie auditoriums: 3 Passes UGC Unlimited Pass-mk2 and Gaumont Pathé accepted Cinema La Bastille in Paris 5, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris (11th arrondissement), Number of movie auditoriums: 3 Passes UGC Unlimited Pass-mk2 and Gaumont Pathé accepted


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