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Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 11/10/16

The time of year that is appreciated by one and all is rapidly approaching. To make the run-up to Christmas all the more joyful and magical, why not stay in the heart of our beautiful city and enjoy the warm welcome and hospitality of the Hotel Marais Bastille

Spend a magical Christmas in Paris!

Following the passing of the summer and the approach of the often grey days of winter the first soft and gentle flakes of snow may serve to remind you that good times are just around the corner. Good times involving merry songs, family reunions, a break from every-day cares and the workaday world! The twinkling lights on the tree, the aroma of roast chestnuts, the excited laughter of children as they tear open gaily coloured wrapping paper, and a quiet drink or two with your loved ones. What could be better? Well, how about spending some of this period of joy and celebration in Paris, a city that embraces Christmas with a big, Santa Claus-style hug? Here you can enjoy bright and sparkling Christmas markets full of wonderful things to buy and explore streets bedecked in lights and Yuletide garlands! In the Bastille district, why not wander where your fancy takes you and, who knows, you may come across Father Christmas on a street corner? Between shows, tours, long walks, wrapped up bike rides and the joys of seasonal shopping, you will fall in love with the spirit of Christmas, Paris-style!

Seasonal activities for everyone

While the holidays are here, let yourself be overwhelmed by the spirit of Christmas! And you can bet that Paris is a city that really knows how to make the most of the festive season. With the capital’s beguiling combination of gorgeous illuminations, fabulously designed department store display windows, merry and traditional Christmas markets, outdoor ice rinks, merry-go-rounds, quietly lovely Nativity scenes and general air of joyous anticipation, you are certain to fall under its spell. Christmas concerts are performed throughout the city in some very famous venues. Check out the patisserie shelves as they groan beneath the weight of seasonal treats. Even the city’s renowned monuments are lit up like, well…like Christmas trees! While laughter fills the city, many activities are possible. And, of course, Paris is a shopping paradise whatever the time of year, but even more so as we sleigh ride towards the end of the year. One thing you can be absolutely certain of is that while staying at the Hotel Marais Bastille during this period you’ll discover the Bastille district in a new light that is even more magical than usual. Covered with a white carpet, the city will steal your heart away, regardless of your age. Come and have a Joyeux Noël in the City of Light, which at this time of year deserves that name even more than usual.




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