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Discover shopping in the covered passages of Paris

Discover shopping in the covered passages of Paris

The time of the Bourbon Restoration saw the flourishing of a new kind of sheltered shopping arcade in Paris. Inspired by the Napoleonic campaigns, these glass-roofed passages dedicated to trade enjoyed their golden years prior to the coming of the department stores. Today listed as historical monuments, they still house shops, tea rooms and restaurants. During your stay at the Hotel Marais Bastille, take the time to discover these Parisian architectural curiosities and enjoy a shopping session or two!


The old-world charm of the Passage des Panoramas

This covered passage in the 2nd arrondissement, opening in front of the entrance to the Grévin Museum, is the oldest of its kind and one of the most beautiful. Built in 1799, its magnificent glass roof has been well-maintained and shelters a shopping street that is some 133 metres long. Its period décor, architectural details and shop windows reflect the history of Paris. Particularly vibrant and with a deliciously retro ambiance, the Passage des Panoramas affirms its gourmet reputation through its various restaurants, delicatessens and tea rooms. Also, if you’re a collector of stamps, postcards or coins ... you’re in for a pleasant surprise!


Goods from around the world in the Passage Brady

Opened in 1828, the Passage Brady (10th arrondissment) offers an exotic journey, plunging the visitor into the world of Indian and Indo-Pakistani gastronomy and handicrafts. There is also a strong concentration of exotic shops offering incredible aromatic and sensory experiences, some even selling goods from far-off Reunion and Mauritius. In this fascinating and colourful Ali Baba’s cave you’ll find a wealth of spices, incense and handcrafted carpets, as well as hair and beauty care specialists. A real exotic getaway, the Passage Brady provides an out of the ordinary shopping experience.


The Passage Verdeau; an antique lover’s treasure house

Built in the 3rd arrondissement in 1847, in the Grands Boulevards district, the décor of the Passage Verdeau has remained remarkably unchanged since the end of the July Monarchy and so this covered passage remains one of the most picturesque in Paris. Remarkable for its neoclassical lines and fishbone design glass canopy, it boasts 75 metres of diverse and intriguing shops that are an open invitation to browse. Here you can find antique furniture and art objects, vintage postcards and cameras, old books, embroidery and other collectibles. This charming bazaar also has restaurants and tea rooms, so you can enjoy a welcome break from all that browsing and shopping.


The Galerie Vivienne; Parisian refinement

The Galerie Vivienne (2nd arrondissement), dating from 1823, is one of the most emblematic of the Parisian covered passages. Its prestigious reputation in its day made it very popular with the Parisian bourgeoisie, who were delighted to find this elegant 146 metre arcade full of luxury shops near the Palais Royal. The style of the place remains reminiscent of Belle-Epoque Paris and is the setting for a string of fashion boutiques, cafés and modern tea rooms, decor shops, contemporary art galleries, bookstores and more. The Galerie Vivienne is a wonderful example of French chic and elegance.



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