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Elephant Paname Paris stirring the spirit of art

Elephant Paname Paris stirring the spirit of art

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 5/5/17

Elephant Paname Paris is a much welcomed space for performing artists, directors and choreographers. This amazing art studio is multi-functional and serves as the perfect site for exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, art installations and even conferences. The grand opening of this innovative art studio occurred in September 2012. Since then, it has staged the most prolific and awe-inspiring events, while providing a home and inspirational environment for artistic and creative minds. This incredible studio can be found at 10, rue Volney, 75002, Paris and is in close proximity to the Hotel Marais Bastille. This pioneering company aims to connect and unify varying art mediums and visionaries. 

The artistic genius of Cesar

Elephant Paname Paris is a space for artistic ventures. Elephant Paname Paris takes great pride in presenting their new exhibition “Cesar: Imprint of a Genius”. This event aims to explore the private side and works of the man, to reveal aspects that have previously remained hidden. The event promises a thought provoking journey into the mind of Cesar, by sharing his works, while rearranging space and varying heights, to evoke intimate and collective feelings of a connection; allowing you to take residence into a world and dimension of this incredible and renowned man.

Within the exhibition, you'll witness tributes of Cesar's art, dedicated to his friends and acquaintances, in all of their most naked, raw and expressive states. This event presents art to induce powerful sentiments, stirring the soul, to resonate on the frequency, of the man and his unique, creative expression.

Hotel Marais Bastille situated nearby Elephant Paname Paris

The Hotel Marais Bastille, located in the heart of Paris' artistic cultural attractions, is a short ride on the metro, to the Elephant Paname Paris. The journey from your hotel, to the studio, takes approximately 30 minutes and the closest metro station is 6 minutes walk away from the Hotel Marais Bastille. At the Hotel, you'll enjoy comfortable, stylish and elegant surroundings, with quality services and facilities for your convenience.

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Photo Credit : ©Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

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