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Fashion Cars and Style at the Paris Motor Show 2014

Fashion Cars and Style at the Paris Motor Show 2014

Paris is the home of impeccable style and fashion, which actually renders it the perfect city for the Paris Motor Show 2014 event. This exhibition, scheduled to begin on the 4th till the 19th of October, will journey through the history of fashion and motorcars, both creations being conceived during the middle part of the Industrial Revolution. 

The link between fashion and cars is an interesting one that pivots around ideologies of style and the essential injection of colour, lines, shapes, craftsmanship and pure elegance. Things that for both products, raise the status from being purely functional, to quite luxurious and lavish. Think about the swinging sixties and the mini dress. The mini car was a hot commodity also at that time. Its youthful and simple style, reflected that of the Mary Quaint fashion creation.

At the trade fair ' Paris Motor Show 2014 ', you'll see more comparisons, with a particular focus on significant eras, such as pre-war and Haute Couture, post war and the automobile dream, pop art of the sixties and seventies, the futuristic innovative creations of the eighties, with bright, bold, iconic campaigns and current era, where eco-friendly concerns dominate and customization rules.

There will be over 40 cars featured within the display, which is being hosted at Paris Expo, in Porte de Versailles. The Hotel Marais Bastille, provides a warm, welcoming and relaxing space for you to unwind, after spending time at the great Paris Motor Show 2014.


Paris Motor Show ' Mondial de l'Automobile ' : October 4-19, 2014 Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles Metro Porte de Versailles, line 12 or Balard, line 8 Tramway Porte de Versailles, line T3


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