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Green walls in every corner of Paris

Green walls in every corner of Paris

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 1/10/17

Perfect examples of environmentally friendly thinking, the green walls or vertical gardens invented by Patrick Blanc are ecological works that bring a touch of verdant splendour to the heart of the capital. At the Quai Branly Museum, the Oasis of Aboukir, BHV and in other places you can find a new approach to greening the city’s spaces. The Hotel Marais Bastille invites you to discover more. 

Leading the way in urban ecology

Passionate about nature, Patrick Blanc is an innovator and organic architect who encourages an awareness of ecology and the environment. A botanist, specialist in tropical forest plants, and scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, he is the inventor of the green walls that are found in various parts of the capital. Designed to be installed on a structure or any supporting surface, a green wall is completely or partially covered with plants, has a growing medium and, usually, a water delivery system. They are, effectively, ecosystems in miniature. This mode of urban ecology not only helps to improve air quality, but also brightens up our cities in an aesthetically delightful way. It was in 1986 that Patrick Blanc created his first green wall at the City of Science and Industry of the Parc de la Villette, and he has continued to build on this early success for 30 years. He has worked in many major cities, including London, Madrid, Berlin, Genoa and New Delhi. He initiated the Folies Végétales exhibition in 2006 and his verdant creativity can be seen in various parts of Paris. The green wall concept has been enthusiastically taken up by others and so can now be found throughout the world. But for now let’s focus on Patrick Blanc’s Parisian successes in the field of urban ecology.

The vertical greening of the capital

To the great delight of the residents of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, a green wall of 250m2 has made its appearance in the heart of the Sentier district. The Oasis of Aboukir is made up of 7,600 plants representing 250 different species and is indeed, as the name suggests, an oasis of greenery in the centre of Paris. Situated on the side of 83 Rue d'Aboukir, a five storey building, this exquisite creation is comprised of geraniums, fuchsias, ficus, bergenias and many more attractive plants that seem to grow up the concrete façade in diagonal waves. It’s an absolute triumph of urban ecology. Building on the popularity of Patrick Blanc's pioneering efforts, the Quai Branly Museum, BHV, the Rue d'Alsace and the Centre des 4 Temps at La Défense all now display their own green walls. Arousing the enthusiasm of Parisians, nature lovers and visitors alike, these environmental works of art are well worth seeing. As a guest of the Hotel Marais Bastille, why not take the opportunity to seek out and enjoy Patrick Blanc’s wonderful collaborations between the urban and natural environments?


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