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Here’s the latest news of the Hotel Marais Bastille

Here’s the latest news of the Hotel Marais Bastille

Categories : Hotel, published on : 9/27/17

We wish you a pleasant return from your summer holidays and to ease you gently into the autumn we present the news of the Hotel Marais Bastille, carefully selected to ensure maximum interest. As ever, we offer a haven of tranquillity here on the Right Bank of the Seine and welcome you whether you are here as a tourist or in a professional capacity. 

Contemporary art and the art of the chocolatier

We have news about some upcoming events that will delight both art and chocolate lovers. That might sound extremely wide-ranging, but in fact those two subjects are not quite as far apart as you might imagine. As the Salon du Chocolat trade show will demonstrate, the chocolatier is indeed an artist in his chosen medium, and just wait until you see what can be created when fashion designers express their creativity in the highly specialised field of edible haute couture!

However, if your artistic tastes run in a more calorie conscious direction, then Paris has plenty to offer as the leaves fall. On October 4th you get the chance to stay up all night if you wish, while enjoying the work of fifty artists on an after-dark trail around the cultural wonderland of the capital. Then there is an art fair of international repute to enjoy, followed by a chance to purchase some fine contemporary artwork to take home with you; a truly unique souvenir of your stay in the City of Light. Paris can indeed always be relied upon to provide something different for your delectation.

See Paris in a new light on a Sleepless Night

All night city-wide arts festivals are now offered in around 120 locations around the world, but none have quite the magic that is Nuit Blanche. On October 4th Paris will open many public spaces, monuments, museums and cultural institutions from evening until morning and admission will be free. Since it began in 2001 this nocturnal arts and culture event has continued to grow in popularity. Throughout the capital you can follow a trail of exhibitions and art installations created by some of the world’s leading creative individuals and get to know Paris in a completely new light.

Paris: An international centre of Contemporary Art

If you enjoy contemporary art, then you just might want to consider treating yourself to a trip to Paris this autumn for two major events on the international art scene calendar. FIAC, the well regarded International Contemporary Arts Fair, will take place beneath the elegant glass roof of the Grand Palais from the 23rd to the 26th of October. Then, from October 30th to November 3rd you can indulge your passion at the annual Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain de Bastille. This is a massive art market where you can find paintings, sculptures, ceramics and installations offered by some 500 exhibitors, all at studio prices.

Succumb to the temptation of the Salon du Chocolat

It’s rare to find someone who is not tempted by the darkly seductive delights of chocolate. Most of us simply cannot resist. So why not succumb to the allure of this most beguiling of foodstuffs at the Salon du Chocolat? The 20th anniversary edition takes place from October 29th to November 2nd within the world class facilities of the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre. This massive and wide ranging chocolate trade show provides a plethora of entertainment, interest, business opportunities and contacts. Around 6.4 million visitors have attended over the last 20 years, showing how completely irresistible it is!


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