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Hotel Near Gare de Lyon convenient for touring Paris

Hotel Near Gare de Lyon convenient for touring Paris

Categories : Hotel, published on : 5/27/17

Hotel near Gare de Lyon : what better location could a Paris hotel hope for than a prime spot in the heart of the city mere minutes from the third busiest railway station in France? Established for well over a century, the Gare de Lyon is one of the six mainline railway stations in Paris. A hotel near Gare de Lyon is the Hotel Marais BastilleParis, only three and a half kilometres away, mere minutes by car or taxi. 

Hotel near Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris

Gare de Lyon serves the major cities of East, South and South-East of France. It is a terminus of the renowned Paris-Marseilles route. With over twenty platforms it is also the principal terminus for lines which serve Italy and Switzerland. It is a truly beautiful ornate building with a clock tower somewhat reminiscent of that on the Houses of Parliament.

Le Train Bleu, famous restaurant in the Gare de Lyon

Housed within the station is Le Train Bleu (“Blue Train”) restaurant. Built in 1900, this sumptuously decorated eating place serves some 500 people every day. More than forty stunning paintings adorn the walls and ceilings, including work by Albert Maignon. There's highly polished parquet flooring, wall seats upholstered in venerable leather and gleaming white tablecloths. In this building granted historical monument status in 1972 you can experience a uniquely divine dining luxury.

Established in 1901, Le Train Bleu has been a favourite of celebrities such as Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dali. Originally simply called Buffet de la Gare de Lyon, the restaurant was renamed in 1963 after a famous luxury night express train.

A Hotel near Gare de Lyon is the Hotel Marais Bastille Paris

We warmly welcome you to our stylish and contemporary 3 star hotel on the right bank of the Seine. Situated in the throbbing heart of the city, the Hotel Marais Bastille Paris is within easy reach of Opera Bastille and Notre-Dame. And you will find it is only a short step to the Breguet-Sabin Metro station, very convenient for touring the city.


Hotel Marais Bastille, a 3 star Design hotel in the heart of Paris.