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Hotel Quinze Vingts district near to the C.H.N.O.

Hotel Quinze Vingts district near to the C.H.N.O.

Categories : Visit Paris, Hotel, published on : 8/20/17

Hotel Quinze Vingts district ? The Hotel Marais Bastille is your answer. If you happen to be accompanying a patient attending the National Ophthalmology Hospital situated in this area of Paris, or indeed if you are working or have other business there yourself, it would be very handy to have your hotel nearby. The Hotel Marais Bastille is only a ten minute walk from this world famous institution, and offers a tranquil and convenient setting for your stay.    

Hotel Quinze Vingts district near to the C.H.N.O.

We rely more on our eyes than any other sense organ. Visual orientation and communication occupy a central position in our society. Therefore it is only apt that the National Ophthalmology Hospital occupies such a prominent location in one of the world's great capital cities. Entirely focussed on dealing with the study of the physiology and anatomy of the eye and the treatment of the diseases to which it is subject, this distinguished institution is recognised globally as a leader in its field.

The National Ophthalmology Hospital (C.H.N.O.) became a care facility in 1880, but can trace its history back to the 13th century, when Louis IX, who as the only canonized French monarch is known as King Saint Louis, created a sanctuary for the blind poor. It relied upon 15 to 20 members, hence the name Quinze Vingts.

Many ophthalmologists, both French and foreign, have been trained here and gone on to illustrious careers, thereby cementing its reputation. The hospital boasts an emergency department, pharmacy, neuroimaging facilities, laboratories furnished with state of the art equipment, and some of the world's finest general and specialist consultants.

There are 79 beds, with 26 spaces allotted to outpatient treatment. Patients from all over the world travel here to receive the very finest medical care available, courtesy of the hospital's cutting edge technology and innovative and ground breaking treatment systems. The World Health Organisation acknowledges the French medical system as a world leader.

Hotel Marais Bastille a convenient hotel Quinze Vingts district

Modern, elegant and tasteful, our hotel will provide a true haven if you happen to be escorting a patient for treatment at the C.H.N.O. Here you can relax mere minutes from the hospital, and we are also well served by transport links for the Metro, RER, and bus services.


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