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Marais, a neighborhood that resembles a shopping mecca

Marais, a neighborhood that resembles a shopping mecca

The Marais has inspired dozens of amazing designers and skilled craftsmen, as pointed out in the article Le Marais des Créateurs [The Marais for Designers] published on the website In every street of this iconic Parisian district, shops and workshops sell beautiful and original items.

Marais: shops and workshops that are not to be missed

Corinne Cobson, Valentine Gauthier and Moon Young Hee: these three designers chose the Marais and Rue Charlot to present their inventive and unique collections.

Nearby, on Rue du Pont-aux-Choux, Anika Lena Skarstrom offers decidedly casual clothing which is both sober and incredibly creative.

Leather lovers will be delighted by the delicious contemporary boudoir of Raggaze Ornamentali on Rue de Normandie where you can find elegant tote bags, handbags and belts.

La Maison Toussaint, which has been making bespoke lampshades for 190 years on Rue Pastourelle, is also well worth a visit!

And plenty more besides...

Photo Credit :  © Guilhem Vellut

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