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Outdoor Opera in Paris 2014 Summertime Concerts

Outdoor Opera in Paris 2014 Summertime Concerts

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 6/12/17

Outdoor Opera in Paris 2014 is a treat for fans of classical music. One of Mozart's most celebrated works, Don Giovanni, is scheduled to show at the Chateau de Vincennes, on the 26th till the 28th of June, and 9th till the 13th of September at the Hotel National des Invalides, in 2014. 

Don Giovanni, one of Mozart’s masterpieces

This magnificent opera, which is delivered in two parts, was first presented by the Prague Italian Opera, at the Teatro di Praga, in 1787. The Italian libretto, created by Lorenzo Da Ponte, is based upon the suave fictional character Don Juan. The narrative cleverly weaves the genres of comedy and melodrama together, to create a form that was known as a dramma giocoso. Don Giovanni is being staged by Patrick Poivre d'Arvor and Manon Savary.

Outdoor opera in Parisian magnificent and historic landmarks

The Chateau de Vicennes, built by Charles V, in the 14th century, is considered as being one of the most significant castles in France; along with the famous Louvre. This castle is among one of the largest and well preserved in Europe and its impressive structure once served as a form of protection, for Saint Louis' royal manor.

The Hotel National des Invalides is another historic structure, built in 1673, following the instructions of Louis XIV. This building was initially created, to provide a place of residence, for disabled and elderly soldiers. The architect, Liberal Bruant, based his grand design around the Escorial of Philip II of Spain. Tickets for the concerts are currently available.


  • Outdoor Opera : Château de Vincennes, June 26-28, 2014 : Avenue de Paris, Vincennes Metro : Château de Vincennes, line 1 Hotel National des Invalides, September 9-13, 2014 : Avenue de Tourville, Paris 7th Metro : Varenne, line 13~oOo~
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