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Paris Bastille Day 2013 is the ultimate French party

Paris Bastille Day 2013 is the ultimate French party

Categories : Entertainment, Events, published on : 7/5/17

Paris Bastille Day 2013 sees the city of the French revolution celebrate in great style, with fireworks, street parties and celebrations, all yours from the perfect base, Hotel Marais Bastille

Paris Bastille Day 2013 is a day you'll always remember

Everyone knows that in France, we know how to put on truly great public parties. And there's no greater party than Bastille Day, the anniversary of the French Revolution of July 14 1789, when protestors stormed the Bastille.

It was seen as the symbol of the old, despised order, and the beginning of the new, democratic France. You might say you have never visited France until you've been here for Bastille Day, and you've never experienced Bastille Day until you've joined us here in Paris on July 14.

So this is one occasion that you have to immerse yourself in at least once in your life. Paris Bastille Day 2013 includes a magnificent grand military parade on the famous Champs Elysees, street parties on every corner, and even, for those who are young or young at heart, a "techno parade".

Hotel Marais Bastille the perfect base for Paris Bastille Day 2013

The culmination of Paris Bastille Day 2013 is a spectacular fireworks and light show over the Seine. It's completely free, as are almost all of the day's events, and this is an evening of entertainment that is a must for all the family.

Book your place on the river's edge early and take along an evening picnic sourced from the local markets. Naturally, you should include a bottle of chilled Champagne to toast the Revolution as the fireworks go off.

Hotel Marais Bastille is the ideal location for your visit for Bastille Day, as the very name of our hotel implies. The Place de la Bastille and Marais neighborhood will have their own celebrations and we'll help you to mark our national day in the best possible way.


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