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Paris Botanical Gardens : a feast for the senses

Paris Botanical Gardens : a feast for the senses

Categories : Entertainment, Visit Paris, published on : 8/12/17

Paris Botanical Gardens are one of the city's best loved and most frequently visited locations, and understandably so. This 69 acre swathe of greenery on the left bank of the Seine delights and overwhelms the senses. Add to its loveliness the attraction of the zoo and the Natural History Museum and you have a place which appeals to the whole family. The Hotel Marais Bastille is just a few Metro stops away from all this tranquil, verdant beauty. 

Paris Botanical Gardens embrace both history and nature

Originally planted as an herb garden by Louis XIII's physician in the 1630s, the gardens were opened to the public as early as 1640. Talented botanists and designers developed the area over the next hundred years, adding such elements as the labyrinth and the ingeniously designed layouts which play delightful tricks with the visitor's sense of perspective.

Following the French Revolution a small zoo was added and populated with animals liberated from the royal menagerie at Versailles. Still in existence today, this is one of the world's oldest zoos.

The delights of the Botanical Gardens are many. From the Alpine garden, with its 3000 species from around the world, to the gaily bedecked rose garden; and from the Art Deco winter garden to the Mexican and Australian greenhouses displaying plants native to those regions, this enchanting place is both highly educational and an aesthetic delight. Rare plants and trees abound, and to wander the pathways amidst the botanical delights is a thoroughly enchanting experience.

Here, too, stands the buildings of the Natural History Museum, which boasts highlights such as the Hall of Evolution, the Gallery of Mineralogy, and an amazing display of complete dinosaur skeletons.

Hotel Marais Bastille recommends a visit to the Paris Botanical Gardens

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