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Paris in the rain: how to make the most of the capital

Paris in the rain: how to make the most of the capital

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 4/10/16

When you visit the city of Paris you’ll want to ensure that you make the most of your stay, and that means taking all possibilities into consideration. At this time of year the Parisian weather can be a little unpredictable, but if the skies are gloomy, don’t worry, because the capital offers so much to do, whatever the weather. 

The Parisian weather: a rather capricious lady

Although spring is set to cast her verdant spell in the coming weeks, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that in the City of Light, just about anything can happen in terms of the weather. But rest assured of one thing: the rain will definitely not spoil your stay as there are activities to enjoy and places to visit aplenty that allow you to stay warm and dry. First things first, though, and that’s making the right choice of hotel. If you’re looking for an excellent establishment that offers both a prestigious location and high quality services, then the Hotel Marais Bastille will fulfil all your needs.

What’s more, to help you plan your schedule, the Hotel Marais Bastille has put together a list of recommended activities that you can enjoy whatever the weather, and especially in the event of rain deciding to join the party. Paris certainly has plenty to satisfy your cultural appetite. The city hosts some of the finest museums in the world. The Louvre and Orsay are world-famous institutions and the Petit Palais, with its magnificent collections of works of art, should also be on your itinerary. If you’re interested in indigenous art and culture, then you’ll love a trip to the Quai Branly Museum.

Culture, beauty, wonder…and shopping

If you have a love for architecture, Paris has majestic monuments and exquisite buildings that the rain cannot spoil because the city knows how to stay beautiful regardless of climate. The Opera Garnier is one example among many others. Of course, a rainy day in Paris will give you the perfect excuse to indulge your other passion… for shopping. Combine your love of picturesque places and your fondness for retail therapy by exploring some of the covered passages of Paris.

These are historic arcades filled with shops, tearooms and restaurants. Each passage has its own unique charm and particular character. Try the Galerie Véro-Dodat, located at 19 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which has designer boutiques such as Christian Louboutin’s workshop-boutique, as well as antique shops, all in a neoclassical setting, while the Passage Jouffroy at 10 Boulevard Montmartre has stunning mid-19th century iron and glass architecture. Dating from 1800, the oldest of the city’s covered passages, the Passage des Panoramas, at 11 Boulevard Montmartre, is well worth a visit, too. If rain welcomes your arrival in Paris, don’t worry; it takes much more than a downpour to dampen the capital’s magic. Unfurl your umbrella and step into a city of enchantment.


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