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Paris place to see : the new Place de la Republique

Paris place to see : the new Place de la Republique

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 9/27/17

Paris place to see , because it has undergone an extraordinary transformation, is the newly renovated Place de la Republique. A year and a half of work and around £20.4 million has gone into making one of the largest squares in Paris also one of the most visitor friendly, now around 70% pedestrianised. Reclaimed from the traffic and hubbub, this lovely location which was reopened on June 16th can now be enjoyed to its fullest. On Metro line 5 it is less than fifteen minutes away from the Hotel Marais Bastille

Paris place to see a historic and symbolic centre of the city

The history of the Place de la Republique effectively dates back to the Middle Ages. Most notably, the gate bastion of a Knights Templar fortress once stood here. The area became a public square after the 14th century defensive wall built by Charles V was demolished as the city grew. The square was later remodelled as part of Baron Haussmann's mid 19th century reconfiguration of Paris and named in honour of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

Conceived as a symbol of the French Republic itself, the square required a fitting centrepiece and a competition was held in 1879 for an appropriate design. This was won by the brothers Charles and Leopold Morice, who created a 9.5 metre high bronze statue which was erected in 1883, and still dominates the square today. This stirring monument depicts Marianne, the female symbol of the triumph of the Republic. Effectively a goddess of liberty, she stands proudly with an olive branch in her right hand and her left resting poignantly on a tablet which is engraved with the Rights Of Man.

The remodelling of the square has respected the heritage and history of the location while bringing it firmly into the modern era. It has become a large, welcoming open space which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Hotel Marais Bastille is so convenient for this Paris place to see

Our comfortable, modern hotel is conveniently placed for reaching this renovated Paris attraction. The Hotel Marais Bastille thoroughly recommends a visit to this location which is in many ways symbolic of our nation's ideals.


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