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Quai Branly Museum - public art from the Philippines

Quai Branly Museum - public art from the Philippines

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, Visit Paris, published on : 7/12/17

Quai Branly Museum is running an exhibition in July which is promoted by the Hotel Marais Bastille as being a great experience for visitors to Paris. This exhibition "The Philippines, Archipelago of exchange" which will include more than three hundred works is the biggest event held within the last twenty years that will focus solely on the archipelago of the Philippine. 

Public art from the Philippines

The Philippines is a collection of over seven hundred islands and stretches a massive 1700 kilometres. There are varying cultural collections within this island structure, which has given birth to a diverse collection or artefacts within this exquisite exhibition. The people within the Philippines have a very interesting history and this great story is well told within the great selection of pieces that are on display at the "Musée du Quai Branly" this July.

Some details about admission

You can visit the museum on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday between 11.00AM and 7.00PM but also on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday between 11.00AM and 9.00PM. The Quai Branly Museum closes most Mondays, except those through the shorter school holidays where the museum opens between 11.00AM and 7.00PM. There is parking available within the museum grounds, which is charged at a very reasonable rate. There are varying admission prices depending on the level of access you require (you can visit the temporary garden exhibition for less than a permanent exhibition pass), but all prices are very reasonable and aid the continued existence of such wonderful museums as this.

Hotel Marais Bastille promotes the Quai Branly Museum

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