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Reopening of the Musée Carnavalet: the history of Paris in a museum

Reopening of the Musée Carnavalet: the history of Paris in a museum

Closed for more than four years, the Musée Carnavalet has had a facelift. Entirely dedicated to the history of the City of Paris from prehistory to the present day, this excellent museum presents unique artifacts, paintings of Parisian life and archive materials in the superb setting of two private mansions and their gardens. For a fascinating trip back through time, visit the new Musée Carnavalet, a ten-minute walk from the Hotel Marais Bastille.


Exceptional collections

The collections of the Musée Carnavalet include no fewer than 580,000 works of art, artifacts and archive materials, retracing the development of the city as well as the events that have taken place here throughout its history. During your visit, you’ll see the dugout canoe that proves that the banks of the Seine were occupied as far back as the Neolithic period, relics from medieval shops, essential works of art such as the unfinished Serment du Jeu de Paume by Jacques-Louis David and the Portrait of Juliette Récamier by François Gérard, as well as poignant objects such as Voltaire's armchair, Napoleon's campaign kit and documents signed by Robespierre. Via architecture, political history, daily life through the centuries and more, the fascinating history of Paris comes to life before your eyes. 


A completely upgraded museum

The several years of the museum’s closure allowed the specialists plenty of time to apply their skills on all fronts. The buildings have been renovated and enhanced, the facades and openings cleaned, the courtyards and gardens spruced up. The 3,800 exhibited works have also been restored, some in depth. New introductory rooms and a modernised scenography have been created. Access to the collections has been opened up via digitisation. There are brand new reception facilities, enabling easier access for everyone, and the visit route has been reviewed and updated to allow visitors to circulate comfortably and serenely. The Musée Carnavalet also now offers an expanded range of workshops for children and themed guided tours.  


A gourmet break in the gardens

At the end of your visit or just for the sheer pleasure of it, take a seat in the gardens of the Musée Carnavalet on the Fabula terrace. This temporary restaurant takes advantage of the exceptional setting to offer the gourmet cuisine of chef Thibaut Spiwack and cocktails created by Nico de Soto. The former has enjoyed an exceptional career that has taken him around the world and teamed him with top chefs. He returned with a bold, committed and ecologically inspired approach. Nico de Soto still occupies a position of excellence in the world of mixology. After living the American dream with his New York cocktail bar, he has returned to his native Paris. The teaming of these two guarantees visitors a flavour-filled experience.

During your stay at the Hotel Marais Bastille, explore the collections and admire the beauty of the private mansion formerly inhabited by Madame de Sévigné and enjoy a gourmet moment in the mansion’s gardens on the Fabula terrace.


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