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See Paris in a new light on a Sleepless Night

See Paris in a new light on a Sleepless Night

Categories : Events, Visit Paris, published on : 9/5/17

A sleepless night in Paris could prove to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. A dusk ‘til dawn arts festival, a city-wide nocturnal multicultural event; on Nuit Blanche you can stay up until the small hours to appreciate the magic of Paris as you’ve never seen it before. This night of artistic adventure takes place on October 4th. Enjoy an all-nighter and then catch up on your rest in the soothing surroundings of the Hotel Marais Bastille

Come and be amazed by the wonders of Nuit Blanche

Conceived by the events director Jean Blaise and Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, Nuit Blanche was inspired by the White Nights of St. Petersburg, Russia, where on the long summer nights when the sun barely sets the people partake of the joys of music and art. Every first Saturday in October since 2001, Paris has thrown open the lid of her cultural treasure chest for an entire night, giving even those familiar with the city an opportunity to enjoy it from a new, romantic, mysterious and alluring perspective.

In addition to parks, gardens, cinemas and religious buildings, many museums, cultural institutions and other public places remain open throughout the hours of darkness, offering free admission to all. Additionally, there are special exhibitions and art installations set up all around the capital, forming a nocturnal trail through the streets. Fifty French and international artists present their works, including the Pakistani miniaturist Imran Qureshi, American street artist Mark Jenkins and gymnastic performance artist Chloé Moglia. There will also be a family friendly installation by the Swiss Chapuisat brothers.



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