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The bewitching experience of an immersive dive into works of art

The bewitching experience of an immersive dive into works of art

The Atelier des Lumières never ceases to amaze us with its immersive exhibitions. A former industrial building has been turned into a digital art museum where great works are projected on the walls and floor, giving visitors the sensation of stepping inside them. The exceptional quality of the projections places you at the heart of the works, allowing you to study the compositions, colours and details up close. A truly fascinating experience not to be missed during your stay at the Hotel Marais Bastille.


A magical place

A ten-minute walk from the Hotel Marais Bastille, the Atelier des Lumières has taken over the premises of the former Plichon Brothers foundry, a building which testifies to the district’s industrial vocation, which lasted until the early decades of the 20th century. Today, these magnificent spaces lend themselves perfectly to state-of-the-art projection and sound systems to bring you the works of diverse artists. At the end of the year, the Atelier des Lumières takes you from Kandinsky to Cézanne and from Herge’s Tintin to Van Gogh in a whirlwind of colours, pencil lines and brushstrokes. At your own pace, you can browse the spaces, choose your point of view, stroll amidst the images and listen to the music as you study every detail and feel every emotion produced by the projections. There’s no commentary or set route, so young and old alike experience the place as they wish. The screenings run continuously, and you can stay as long as you want. 


An eclectic programme

The immersive exhibitions devoted to Van Gogh and Yves Klein ends on October 20th. The first takes you into the swirls of colours and the density of the tormented artist's brush strokes, subjugated by the midday light. From the most famous paintings to forgotten details, the Dutch painter expresses here all his complexity. The second part is devoted to Klein and his characteristic blue. Superb digital projection gives this colour unprecedented power and depth. Until November 20th, rediscover Tintin on his journeys to the Moon and to the depths of the ocean through the bold and clear-line artistry of Herge, one of the all-time great comic-strip creators. Finally, don't miss the aesthetic shock of Cézanne and Kandinsky. From the landscapes of Provence to the details of a still life, the first expresses an astonishing sensitivity and understanding of the play of light. As for Kandinsky, you’ll discover here a varied selection of works ranging from his figurative period to his abstractions involving geometry, shapes and colours. A vivid and spellbinding experience that you can enjoy at your own pace.


The Atelier des Lumières is a fascinating place. Although it is open continuously from 10:00 to 18:00, with late openings on certain evenings, the Hotel Marais Bastille team recommends that you book your tickets as soon as possible so you can make the most of the exhibition of your choice!


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