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The Hotel Marais Bastille invites you to ‘All at the Opera’

The Hotel Marais Bastille invites you to ‘All at the Opera’

Categories : Entertainment, Events, published on : 4/15/18

Book a break in Paris for the weekend of May 4th to 6th, 2018 and you can fling open the doors of the Opera Bastille and enter a world often regarded as inaccessible and elitist. The event ‘Tous à l'Opéra’ (All at the Opera), taking place throughout France and sponsored by the ballet dancer Aurélie Dupont, invites you to participate for free in various activities available to all. Staying at the Hotel Marais Bastille, you’ll be in the front row!


The Opera, a world not so mysterious as you might think

Opera is a living and vibrant art that’s a thousand miles away from the image that some have of it as an elitist spectacle reserved exclusively for knowledgeable audiences. To be totally caught up in this world apart is simply magical. The stories told, often adapted from folklore or novels, are as numerous as they are varied. The voices heard range from that of a 19th century courtesan in La Traviata to those of Carmen, Cinderella and Faust ... From Puccini to Mozart you will find yourself laughing or crying, carried away by the performances of the tenors, baritones, sopranos and divas. The Opera may well be a world apart, but it’s one that is completely accessible!


Go behind the scenes

Like to know more about the Opera? Then this is the ideal time to discover this art form, thanks to Tous à l'Opéra, an inclusive event taking place in 21 French opera houses including the Opera Bastille, which opens its doors for free from May 4th to 6th, 2018. This is the 12th edition of an event designed to democratise opera by opening it up to a wider audience. On the agenda this weekend are free activities, costume and makeup workshops, public rehearsals, conferences, meetings with artists and technicians and even karaoke! Take advantage of this opportunity to discover a fascinating and beautiful world. And if the experience captures your imagination and piques your interest, then ‘Tous à l'Opéra’ will have fulfilled its purpose.


The Hotel Marais Bastille, close to the Opera Bastille

Located at 36 Boulevard Richard Lenoir in the 11th arrondissement, the Hotel Marais Bastille is just a few steps from the Opera Bastille. This fabulous building was designed on a Wagnerian scale and is capable of seating an audience of some 2,700 people, twice as many spectators as the Salle Garnier. The materials and use of space, with walls faced with bluish grey granite and a sandblasted glass ceiling, produce a particularly successful combination of outstanding acoustics and modern aesthetics. In addition, the modern technical equipment used by the Opera Bastille allows a complete change of the large stage’s scenery in less than an hour. This enables the opera company to perform completely different works in the morning and evening.