Two exceptional artists exhibited at the Pinacothèque

To lift the winter chill with the warming touch of genius and beauty, the Pinacothèque à Paris is presenting two new independent exhibitions that should not to be missed under any circumstances. Il Genio is devoted to Leonardo da Vinci, aesthetic genius and visionary, whose drawings and inventions have made a permanent mark on history, and reveals some of the secrets of his Codex Atlanticus. More contemporary, more frivolous, the designer Karl Lagerfeld offers his sharp, personal and revealing photographic perspective on the world in the exhibition, A Visual Journey. To discover more about the creativity of these two fine minds, enjoy a getaway in the French capital under the sign of culture.

Exhibitions Pinacotheca Paris - Picture MBZT via wikimedia

Pinacotheca Paris – Picture MBZT via wikimedia

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Victor Hugo House in Paris; a treat for literature lovers

Here at the Hotel Marais Bastille, we are within easy walking distance of the Place des Vosges, a beautiful square dating from the early 17th century. Designed and built by royal decree, it seems to embody the essence of the architectural charms of the Marais, a district steeped in history and culture. It is well worth visiting simply to sample the uniquely tranquil atmosphere of the place, but the Place des Vosges boasts an additional attraction for lovers of fine literature; it is the location of the Victor Hugo House in Paris.

Victor Hugo House Paris - Photographer Dalbéra via wikimedia

Victor Hugo House, Place des Vosges, Paris - Chinese room Juliette Drouet - Photographer Dalbéra via wikimedia

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Centre Pompidou Paris : a hub of French Art and Culture

Centre Pompidou Paris is a daring and spectacular building; one of the most well attended visitor attractions in France. The inspiration for this marvellously egalitarian concept came to President Georges Pompidou in 1969. He wanted to create a place which would serve as a central hub for all contemporary French art and culture. Designed as an example of expressionist high tech architecture by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano, the Centre Pompidou opened in 1977. Among other attractions it houses the National Museum of Modern Art and several temporary exhibitions each year. From the Hotel Marais Bastille you can cross the historical Marais district and reach the Beaubourg area and the Centre Pompidou in less than half an hour.

Centre Pompidou Paris - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Nicky Bouwmeester

Library of the centre Pompidou Paris - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Nicky Bouwmeester

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Paris Botanical Gardens : a feast for the senses

Paris Botanical Gardens are one of the city’s best loved and most frequently visited locations, and understandably so. This 69 acre swathe of greenery on the left bank of the Seine delights and overwhelms the senses. Add to its loveliness the attraction of the zoo and the Natural History Museum and you have a place which appeals to the whole family. The Hotel Marais Bastille is just a few Metro stops away from all this tranquil, verdant beauty.

Paris botanical gardens - Tourist office Paris - Photographer Amelie Dupont

Paris botanical gardens - Tourist office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont

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Quai Branly Museum – public art from the Philippines

Quai Branly Museum is running an exhibition in July which is promoted by the Hotel Marais Bastille as being a great experience for visitors to Paris.
This exhibition “The Philippines, Archipelago of exchange” which will include more than three hundred works is the biggest event held within the last twenty years that will focus solely on the archipelago of the Philippine.

Quai Branly museum - outdoor exhibition - Paris tourist office - Photographer Antoine Schneck

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Edward Hopper at the Grand Palais until the end of January

Edward Hopper Grand Palais Paris

Edward Hopper is the focus of a major exhibition for the first time in France! While the most famous American painter of the 20th century stayed in Paris on 3 occasions, no retrospective has ever before been devoted to him in the capital.

Edward Hopper : a journey across America

Edward Hopper Grand Palais Paris
This unique exhibition, being staged at the National Galleries of the Grand Palais from 10th October to 28th January, offers visitors a fascinating insight into the United States of the first half of the 20th century. The 128 engravings, watercolours and paintings on display in Paris testify to the wave of modernisation rapidly sweeping through the country. These changes seem to have inspired in Edward Hopper a certain nostalgia, as can be seen in the melancholic expressions on most of his figures, such as the couple leaning against the bar counter in Nighthawks or the woman sitting alone at a table in Automat. These are just two of the American painter’s major works which you can discover at the Grand Palais.

Did you know? An application developed for iPads, as well as Android devices, enables you to prepare or extend your visit!